Our Kings and Queens

Sphynx kitten

Our male and female Sphynx cats welcome you !

On this page you will be able to see pictures of Sphynx males and females who are living in our house, the place we use for our breeding work. Just take a look to the fathers and mothers of our sweet Sphynx babies!

All of our Canadian Sphynx participate in different cat shows regularly.

GC Hayana Libelula Queen

Gender: Female / Born: 19.04.2013 / Color: Bicolor Azul(Blue)

GC Hayana Libelula Sphynx 56

CH Paradais Dragos King

Gender: Male / Born: 25.01.2014 / Color: Bicolor Black and White

CH Paradais Dragos Sphynx Cat28

RedAngel Zenobio King

Gender: Male / Born: 22.03.2014 / Color: Cream Sepia/White

Sphynx kitten

Butterflies Magic Queen

Gender: Female / Born: 15.03.2014 / Color: Red Point

Butterflies Magic Sphynx Kitten04

Merloni Adelina Queen

Gender: Male / Born: 25.05.2014 / Color: Torty/White Bicolor (f03)

Merloni Adelina Sphynx Cat32

Xarmax Reya Queen

Gender: Female / Born: 20.03.2014 / Color: Lilac Mink (C32)

Xarmax Reya Sphynx Kitten06